Hi, guys! So weather has been hot hot HOT here in NYC (I’m talking 90+ ) & I spent all day out yesterday playing tennis (disclaimer- I’m not that good, I just had to shoot a casting video- HA) and currently I’m adjusting in my apartment sipping kombucha in a wine glass,(tantric turmeric by G.T is a total game changer, I’m obsessed!) and I love popping NOOSA coconut yogurt in the freezer and adding cacao nibs, goji berries, and coconut shavings as a topping, or munching on frozen mango slices.

ANYWHO.. this weekend I’m attending the NYC VEG FEST 2017 ( FULL POST COMING SOON) and I am so pumped! So many amazing brands I’m obsessed with have booths and hello… total foodie over here.

Especially when it’s healthy, delicious, quick & easy- I like to have my cake and eat it too, what can I say.

With this dramatic weather shift I feel like I always have the urge to completely overhaul my closet- so I wanted to share some wardrobe essentials for SPRING/SUMMER 2017

VINTAGE//DISTRESSED JEANS: Yes, I mean hello I do live in BK (lol). No, but seriously denim is always a staple, and you can never go wrong with a pair of vintage levis. Especially when you thrift them yourself and blast music while distressing them in your living room in your underwear (guilty.. again). Plus, thrifting your own vintage jeans is always fun- and bring friends too.

BTW I just found a pair of vintage levis and needed the waist taken in- it’s so quick! So don’t write off a perfect pair jeans just because a small detail you can fix for $5

BANDANAS: silk ones, black ones, etc. use them as a belt, a choker, etc. have fun! I’m obsessed with this look for summer.

SLIPPERS: Call me basic AF but I love the fur slippers (if you can’t find these, they have similar styles everywhere right now!) I think they are perfect with a midi dress, maxi dress, jeans, EVERYTHING. I’m just obsessed. Especially if you throw on a cap, I love the contrast.

THIN GOLD CHOKERS: & STACK THEM– It’s just a look. And I approve 10000% for summer time.

BOXY SUNGLASSES: complete any and every look. The more fun the better in my opinion.

& last but not least, don’t forget the sunscreen!! What are your spring staples?

Xx Valerie

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