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Happy Sunday from me!!!  Today I’ve been in a major spring cleaning mood- in every sense of the term.

I don’t know about you, but the theme of the moment for me is DECLUTTER & upgrade. You owe that to yourself. Dump out the old water, clean the vase, and re-fill it with clear crisp and fresh new water, ya feel?

Clear things out of your life that don’t serve you & that don’t bring you joy. People, things, foods, thoughts, energy. A few different things have helped me clear things and I seriously feel so much more… in flow? Clear? FUCKING amazing?!

ALSO, splitting this theme into a few different posts but I wanted to share some quick and effective ways to declutter & feel lighter & clearer. YES plz.


  1. You can’t feel clear if your space is a mess. I 100% recommend the book The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up. It has so much more of an impact than making your space look pretty. Having a clear space gives you a clear mind. I totally believe that getting rid of unwanted junk also clears energy blocks, it’s SO therapeutic! You want your space to only have things you LOVE & that bring you joy when you see them, trust me!!
  2. Every once in a while refresh your space, & you don’t have to completely redo and throw away things, but switch out & update your throw pillows, add a candle or two, and DEEP clean. Blast music, drink some bulletproof coffee, get in the zone and make some art & DIY’s for your space, get into your creative flow.. we all got it, okay?! Curating a little blog post that’s coming up of easy ways to upgrade your space. You want to wake up every morning grateful for your space, not thinking about the mess you have to pick up. LIFE CHANGINGGGG
  3. ENERGY is so important. Lately I’ve been really into crystals, oils, incense, candles… you name it!! I do a lot of research and try what speaks to me.. I would love to do a blog post on this but for now I’m just doing tons of reading, research and experimenting. But some things I have been loving is my oil diffuser, burning frankincense or Palo Santo, and creating a little corner of it in my room & I love to meditate there in the mornings before my coffee.

action steps for right now: open the window and let fresh air in, light a candle, throw out 10 items that you don’t need!

** moral of the story: when you show love to your space and take care of your things, it shows you love back! Never leave your things on the floor or messy, or keep things around that you don’t love or don’t care about. That energy comes back to you.


  1. As the saying goes, you are the sum of the 5 people you surround yourself with most, so choose them wisely! Your time is extremely valuable, so respect it and it might be bumpy during that “detox” period.. but its worth it! Notice little things like how you *feel* after surrounding yourself around certain people.. you might not have even noticed it before!!
  2. Meditate, pray, do what you do, but never neglect your mind. It needs peace and that investment will come back x a million..
  3. BE GRATEFUL!!! You know it already, but seriously make it a daily practice. DECLUTTER your negative thoughts. Do what you gotta do, make a list, etc

action steps for right now: do a 10 minute meditation, write a gratitude list, and do something you love.


  1. I already talk a lot about this on my blog, so I’m going to keep this short and simple. The way you need to eat is personal to you and never blindly follow a diet, listen to your body! Get rid of dairy and cleanse your system of it.. then re introduce it a little and take notes!!
  2. FOOD should bring joy. My philosophy is eat for happiness. Feeling healthy & full of energy is what makes me happy, so I crowd my diet with whole foods, in season fruits and veggies, nuts, etc. If I’m craving some meat, I have it! I go out to eat with friends, enjoy the food I am putting into my body. If a cookie is what I want, I eat it. If I kind of not really want it and know I’ll feel shitty after then…. next!!
  3. Read books, watch documentaries, do research. This is the shit I geek out on. I love finding weird supplements that are super effective  & make me feel better. I try them & report back.. lol!

action steps for right now: replace your next meal with a green smoothie, drink a glass of water, and pick 1 health documentary/book to read //

*Fed Up (on Netflix), The Beauty Detox by Kimberly Snyder (book) are some of my favs!

After clearing out & decluttering you have so much room for energy to FLOW and to read books, spend time being creative and doing things you love, be creative, etc.!

ANYWAYS.. what have you guys been decluttering? Seriously.. clearing out and reorganizing messy drawers, cabinets, etc. is so therapeutic for me.. slightly psycho maybe.. NOT SORRY, ha

& I’m off to the gym after being a hermit today & cleaning EVERYTHING

Xx Valerie

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