OK ok.. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and there is no such thing as a quick fix. But as someone who works out 5-6 times a week and is a conscious eater, there are definitely some things that make a huge difference in bringing down the puffiness and bloat (especially when you travel).

#1 TIP: If you don’t take a probiotic RUN to whole foods or order one! Seriously. It is so essential to your digestive health. My favorite way to take probiotics is through drinking Kombucha.. and I’m obsessed with G.T’s Tantric Turmeric or Gingerade.. plus they make amazing cocktails if you add a little mint, ice & tequila (and maybe a splash of fruit juice? Way better than a vodka soda if you ask me.

#2 TIP: If you aren’t doing proper form when you are working out your abs, you can actually start building bulky muscle instead of getting a flat tummy (the horror.. lol) but if you think this is your problem, my trainer introduced me to stomach vacuums.. no worries, it’s just a workout!! Just type it in on google and it will show you how to do them step by step. This works out your internal ab muscles more that sort of cinch everything in.

#3 TIP: SERIOUSLY.. we all need a reminder to drink more water. It totally helps flush out toxins (especially if you’ve been drinking the night before) I just keep a water bottle by my bedside, in my bag, and next to me at all times! Add some ACV, lemon, & chlorophyll to spice it up and add some extra flat-tummy benefits!

#4 TIP: Eat asparagus & sip on that green tea (w a side of lemon pls & thx) These two are natural diuretics, so they will help flush out any toxins & reduce inflammation!

#5 TIP: Fast! Seriously, intermittent fasting is so healthy for you, but google it to see what works best for you. How I fast is I have a ton of water when I wake up and then a bulletproof coffee.. and I won’t have my first meal until after 12 pm. This let’s your digestive system really cleanse and take a break, and there are so many benefits. Ketogenic diets are something I’ve really been researching.. so once I have all of the deetz and have tested out for long enough I’ll for sure do a post!

#5 TIP: Aloe Vera & UltraSlim Tea.. & it’s not any of that “skinny tea” instagram BS. Ultra Slim is a chinese tea that’s organic and you can use it every once in a while if you need to. Personally, incorporating a little aloe vera into my diet is really helpful and there are so many other benefits to your skin other than a flat tummy! Some people don’t react as well to aloe vera, but it is a really natural alternative.

#5 TIP: NO DAIRY.. I almost forgot this tip since I haven’t had dairy in so long! Seriously. Even if you are not lactose-intolerant milk is still really difficult for your body to digest. Don’t take my word on this one though.. just try it yourself!

Do you guys have any tips you use before summer? Let me know!

Xx Valerie

8 thoughts on “FLAT-TUMMY HACKS!

  1. Great tips! I’ve been hearing so much about intermittent fasting and am wondering if you work out in the morning when you don’t eat until noon? I feel like I work out at 6:30 AM every morning and feel like it would be SO hard not to eat right after!

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