Happy Friday!! So I have consciously been trying to read more. Books to me are like mentors, and you can connect and sort of see inside the brains of people who are just so freaking smart and sponge & absorb SO much knowledge. It’s also so much more relaxing than watching TV and an overall amazing habit to cultivate.

YADA YADA YADA.. I’m sure you guys all have been bombarded with the benefits of reading since birth.. but key takeaway is to make it a part of your routine you look forward to every night and if you have space, throw a book in your bag!! So many times I find myself reaching for it on Ubers instead of scrolling through my IG feed. #win

ANYWAYS I’ve been on the lookout for new books so I wanted to share a few of my recent FAVS and also new books I can’t wait to crack open.

THE BIG LIFE by Ann Shoket: “embrace the mess, work your side hustle”: LOVE this book!! It’s full of bad ass women who are kicking but in the new digital age. Being a 19 year old girl living on her own in NYC modeling & blogging, it’s just a book that really inspires me. So many amazing tips too.. TOTALLY recommend!!

BLOOM by Estee Lalonde: I had never watched Estee on youtube before I came across her book but it’s just such an amazing book and I love seeing her approach to life and share the same struggles I totally can relate too. Plus her style is so different than mine but I love her eye for fashion and everything is so curated beautifully but at the same time real and raw in the best way possible. Finished it in a day, too!! A quick & fun summer read.

THE HEALING CODE by Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND: I have yet to get to this book but I am SO excited!!! I’ve been into researching eastern medicine and chakras and this book is written by a Naturopathic doctor & psychologist. It says 6 minutes to heal the source of your health, success, & relationship issues. WILL update!!

That’s all the books I’ve been reading!! What about you?? Let me know & would love to check them out.

Xx Valerie

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