Hi hi hello. Jumping right into it today since I gotta run (or sprint, HA) to a casting. Oh & I thrifted these sick vintage Levi’s and I have to pick them up today since I got them altered and I’m so pumped.

ANYWAYS..  looking back, everything I’m proud of & grateful in life has come from the same few things.

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable (KEY)
Jumping into something with faith, but not feeling “ready”
Consistently chipping away at my goals daily (fitness, career, etc.)

Honestly, I’ve come to terms with the fact that if it’s something you really want in life, part of you is never going to feel ready.

There’s this misconception that you need to feel “ready” in order to start something.

You’ll convince yourself a million reasons the you need to put it off.  & if you’re like me you’ll listen to that voice a for too long.

TRUST ME ON THIS: give yourself a timeline. Put pressure on yourself to get ready & then fucking do it… & then thank me later, HA (;

You’ll feel so much better after & it gets pretty fucking addicting.

The resistance is there & be okay with that, don’t try to change it just do it anyway.

The resistance is there to keep you in your “safe bubble”, YAWWWWN. So boring, I can’t.

And you have to be honest with yourself, don’t be embarrassed to put yourself out there or to be honest with people you need to be honest with. It’s not comfortable but that’s okay.

Life is so much better when you uncomplicate things. When I stopped thinking so much I just started DOING.

Be clear & honest about what you want. And ignore the scary or parts of you that feel like you aren’t ready.

You don’t need to know all the answers, just do what feels right to you and start somewhere. Learn along the way, evolve, and keep going! & most importantly, take the action you’ve been avoiding.

What things are you have resisted that you know you want to do?? Moving to NYC was a huge jump for me.

CHALLENGE: Do something today you’ve been avoiding… & enjoy this weather!!
Xx Valerie

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