Natasha Minter X Girl A La Mode// Crushing it in Wellness, Productivity & Modeling!

Between this interview today with Natasha Minter, and NYFW approaching- I could NOT be more excited!

Natashia Minter is a model, an entrepreneur, and creator of ‘Model Me’  and ‘Healthy and Empowered’, for which she hosts amazing panels and workshops for young women & models!  Needless to say, Natasha is CRUSHING it! So of course, when the opportunity came to interview her and share her routines, tips & advice- I was SO excited!

So today, Natasha is spilling all of her secrets on mindset, staying in shape, pushing yourself, and creating your best life.. let’s jump right in- shall we?

| You’ve really been crushing it! I want to get a little background info- who is Natasha Minter? |

Who am I… wow well I don’t know how to begin answering that! Firstly Val, thank you for wanting to share my story. I am beyond grateful!

Now I will try and tackle your question – the affirmations I say about myself every morning would tell you “I am honest, raw & real, people love me for my realness”, “I am here to be light, bringing out the colours of the world”, and “I am the most positive person people have ever met”… affirmations are something I’ve said to myself nearly every day for the last 3 years. The latter affirmation is one that has been with me ever since I found out about affirmations – and at the time, as much as I put a mask on daily, in truth I was grieving the loss of one of my closest friends who had just passed away. I didn’t know how to deal with his passing – death is something no human can prepare for – and I certainly didn’t know how to process this. So I turned to self-development, where I began reading books by Tony Robbins and Paulo Coehlo – from then, I definitely turned into a new Natasha. My life now is daily filled with affirmations, surrounding myself with GOOD people with good intentions – I am very careful about who I spend my time with.

I work more now than I ever have in my life – and I feel incredibly humbled when people say that I am the hardest working person they know. I suppose that is one legacy I want to leave – I want people to know I hustled and hustled to get to where I am now, and where I will be. I don’t believe in luck – I believe opportunities come my way and I am blessed with the ability to strive in more that one thing, the ability to be able to work hard on multiple projects. Working hard is the secret – and I don’t just mean working hard on work – I mean on YOU, your relationships, your fitness, your health… everything.

I suppose on paper I’m a model with two businesses, but in truth, there is so much more to each human being than a job title. I try to be a better person every day – as cheesy as that may sound, my hunger is filled by the desire to create a positive impact and to be known for creating change and building community… and when you break this down to how you should go about that today, it’s simply trying to be better than you were yesterday.

| What has pushed you to go and take action? Was there a time where you had ideas but had to push yourself to take action? If so, how? |

 Every day!? I believe I have to constantly re-inspire myself. Your mind is constantly trying to screw you! Daily I try and work on myself, one of the things I do daily is write down my goals – and when I do this I am quickly reminded as to why I do what I do! One of my biggest driving forces is I want my youngest sister, Chloe (who is currently 17), to be inspired by me and be proud of what I have done. I want her to know that your background and your upbringing doesn’t have to define you and that working hard, having the ability to communicate with strangers anywhere you go, and being someone people see as weirdly positive – is what can get you to where you need to. Because ANYONE can do those 3 things. But not anyone is willing to do the most simple of things to make an impact, at least in their own life.

 | I want to hear all the details! Walk us through what you do as soon as you wake up? |

On my perfect ideal days – which I wish happened daily but the truth is my schedule changes every day! I’m working hard on trying to create a structure that allows a consistent morning routine with the same time frames…. Anyway. I wake up, spend max 15 mins lying in bed catching up with business on my phone and checking social (which I ideally I don’t think is the best practice but we also have to be realistic here). Then I get up and do my Miracle Morning for an hour (amazing book by Hal Elrod. It will change your life! It changed mine for sure – when I do it!)… then I spend an hour getting ready and preparing breakfast and lunch and snacks for the day. I am always out of the house daily for 8-10 hours minimum, whether I’m working on my business or I’m on shooting – I never stay at home. I would say most days (at least 4 out of 7) I’m out for 15 hours a day.

| Tell us about your projects you have going on right now! |

I created recently a business to help empower and educate models, Model Me. I love the modeling industry but personally, as a model, I’m disappointed by the lack of support and lack of encouragement for the community. My own personal challenges are what inspired my business, as with many business owners. Right now, Model Me exists through our blog and events. The events are to create a community and to bring education to all different types of creatives in the industry, so now we are building focused workshops for certain elements of the industry, e.g. makeup masterclasses, photography workshops, and model portfolio workshops. We have also been running free events since March, where the structure is a panel-style event with me as host, interviewing 2/3 creatives from different parts of the industry. I invested in myself as a business as when I went to America in March, I hosted events in Phoenix, LA, Las Vegas & New York. It’s important to have a vision that you can see clearly. The vision I have is to create long-lasting change in the way models are treated and educated in the industry, and to create more of a welcoming, trusted community among all creatives.

| How do you balance getting all that done and your own fitness and your modeling career? Any tips? |

Discipline. Just get it done. Fitness is a way of life and is something I schedule in my day and do not move. That’s just how it is – but until I saw my fitness as seriously as this, I would let time run away with me and before I know it I didn’t have time for the gym that day. I also try and work out early on in the week, and take my rest day later on nearer to the weekend. Remember: we are designed to move, our bodies love it when we move… there are just so many benefits to working out. Work hard at finding your exercise.

My businesses for me are what has given me purpose. My health business showed me how much I like helping and empowering people, modeling showed me how incredibly talented people can be, which inspires me to work harder on Model Me, so I can bring more appreciation and knowledge to the industry. It’s like a light I can never turn off – so making my 3 careers work together is just something I do, without really being able to tell you the special secret sauce as to how and why – its just who I am now, when you find what keeps you up at night you make it work no matter what. I am constantly hit with the idea of “you are doing too much” and maybe I am, but if I don’t try I’ll never know. I think people are too scared to try things when it feels like everyone else doesn’t agree with them…. But you have to remember, this is your life. Not theirs.

| What’s your best-kept fitness secret? |

Consistency… and changing up your routine. I got too comfortable in a routine I had with my old personal trainer, and as much as I respect and actually loved working with him (the program was all done through online platforms though as he lived in a different city to me), I started doing different workout classes instead and saw a difference literally within a couple of weeks. So my advice is to do different workouts constantly, I try and do boxing and kickboxing weekly, and then I switch up the other classes, so I may do F45 (normally the weights/resistance classes) and then HIIT classes. I work out 5/6 times a week normally.

| Any other beauty/lifestyle tips? |

 For my skin, I swear by the product we use in my nutritional health program. It’s the only reason I started a health business – because I believed in the product so much. The capsules I take have 30 different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and berries in it. I’ve never had a strong care regime – I literally just got some stuff from my mum (who is a beauty therapist), so I will try this out and see if it makes a difference. I have found my capsules to be my secret… and lots of water. Like minimum 4 liters. I’m serious… people don’t realize how much of a difference drinking more water can make.

For my hair, there is a product called Mrs. Milli’s – leave in conditioner – that I SWEAR by. It’s the only thing I’ve ever found that makes my hair look and stay fresh for days – and I have crazy unpredictable curly hair (like every curly-haired girl). I’m on the hunt for a mousse too, so recommendations are welcome!!

Lifestyle – I’m always searching for ‘balance’… whatever that word is. Balance has worked out to be something where I try and have fun every week, I try not to be so hard on myself, I try to sleep enough and eat well, and train consistently. I think the best lifestyle tip I have is word as hard as you can while having the most fun that you can at the same time. For me, I never want to look back and think either “I wish I worked harder” OR “I should’ve had more fun”… so I try to do both, and I am lucky that I often find myself surrounded by people that allow me to do this.

| Favorite quick healthy recipe right now? |

Recently I was sick and since I’m rarely sick I struggle with what to do and eat… so this time I listened to my body and started eating pasta for the first time in a long time, but also had mad cravings for fruit, so my favorite healthy recipe (pasta is not always that healthy ha!) is oats, coconut yogurt, blueberries, peach, plum, and strawberries, all mixed together in a bowl, sometimes with almond butter. Super basic and super easy to do, and really filling… and also meant that I was still being healthy alongside feeling like trash!

| And last but not least, what advice would you give to your youngest self? |

To believe in yourself more, to be braver, to listen to your instinct more, and to know that it will always work out as it is supposed to.

AND that is it for today! Make sure to go and check out Natasha on instagram at @NatashaMinter , and her two platforms @Model_Me and @HealthyandEmpowered for really motivating and empowering events, tips & advice!

See you next time,

Xx Valerie

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