New Moon & New Space\\ A Spiritual Spring Space Clearing

Hi friends, completely coincidental but as we enter this Taurus New Moon (workbook I am doing here! I’m obsessed.) I am 2 things. A: COMPLETELY overwhelmed by my space. Just completely feeling like not cleaning my space because I am moving soon, but having the mess subconsciously etching away at my patience (yay!) And completely feeling claustrophobic by my overgrown bedroom. SO overgrown, HA. Me and Ryan totally feel it.  It feels like I’m in a box when I am in here! It’s totally spacious for just me, but not made for the two of us and our stuff. It’s made me wanna get awayyyy from my place, and I feel it affecting my LIFE. So dramatic, but I swear it’s true!! And I was just thinking about how this has been my dream apartment (overlooking the Empire State & living with my boyfriend, my younger self would be LIVING hahaha).

Here’s a little vision board of the vibe I’m thinking, but different colors. More beige, silver, light pink & plants!:


SO today is 1 day before the move, it’s the Taurus New Moon (which is all about new spaces) , and the day of OPERATION DREAM APARTMENT. A great move starts with some preparation, am I right? Today is all about clearing my space, my energy, bathroom & kitchen need an overhaul, and I just really need a feeling of light & flow into my space again. It’s seriously messing up my mornings, HA.

STEP 1. START with what’s stressing you the most. Be Impactful. I’m starting with the ugliest spaces. Full sink, loads of laundry, and my nightstand junk drawer. Randomly I get shopping lists when I clean, like a new plant here, organization cubes for here, so I like to have a little list going on a paper.

STEP 2. BE COMPASSIONATE  I don’t know about you, but when I clean, I think about “why did I make this mess”, get annoyed with who made this mess, and feel like I’m wasting my life away in my apartment cleaning ( cut to Cinderella scrubbing the floor, HA I’m dramatic ok?) So I’m writing this whole thing as a plan to myself. Cleaning and Organizing is an act of self love and self care. No thoughts of negative blame, judgement, or self pity allowed, ok? Make it an experience, light your candles, play your favorite music or podcast, get some comfy fresh clothes, light candles, and make sure you close the session with sage and send love to your space.

STEP 3. I really recommend the life changing magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, but one of her main points I want to touch on is how you need to treat your items. Every item you own is something you must LOVE! and items you don’t love you must discard and thank them for serving their purpose for you, and if you didn’t use them, thank them for teaching  you that and make a note of what made them not useful for you.

STEP 4. BE GRATEFUL & EXCITED for your space. Your bathroom is a little spa you cleanse and open your mornings with, and in the evenings it’s a space to relax and close out your day and energy for night time. My momma always taught me how your home is your little shell from the world, so it should be a loving space to recharge. Don’t forget to put just as much love into your entrance, your bathroom, and your kitchen. But also know that it’s a process, and if making a list makes it less overwhelming, it’s okay not to complete it in a day.

How do you feel about your space? Is there anything you feel the need to work on or any projects in general you want to take on? You can even create a vision board about the new energy and look you want to bring into your space! Cleaning and being creative in your space are things that can be so opening! So just a little reminder to not forget xx

Love & happy new moon!


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