Heeeeeyyyyy chicas & I hope you enjoyed this AMAZING weather lately.. a little too hot but nothing a little poolside & chilled drinks couldn’t solve. NYC can be pretty brutal in the summers, but I just THRIVE when it’s nice and sunny out! Picnic in central park is definitely happening.

ANYWAYS.. I wanted to make a post about 5 easy ways to be healthier.. for the busy girl-on-the-go you know?

  1. Meditate every morning for 10 minutes.. I have been obsessed with Tony Robbins morning priming meditation first thing and it totally sets the tone of my whole day! Mornings are the time to drink that detox water and then your morning coffee.. I like to wait a few hours and then have a green apple with almond butter & cinnamon.. yum (:
  2. Plan ahead your eating schedule… usually during breakfast I think about my meals for the rest of the day so I can make sure it’s balanced. Not too many carbs (i.e. rice dish for lunch if I had oats in the morning) and I can tell if I’m going to be super busy and I’ll pack my trail mix or nut butter in my bag! Or if I know I’ll be indulging later I make sure to include healthy greens in the morning. I also bring a waterbottle with me EVERYWHERE
  3. I add all my powders & supplements in the morning. I’ve been loving the vital protiens collagen powder first thing with ashwaganda in a green smoothie, and I also take my skin vitamins, biotin, & a probiotic if I haven’t been drinking kombucha. This way I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day!
  4. Plan my workouts… and try to fit in a quick bath if you’re home at the end of the day. Literally, I feel like I got back from a month long vacation sans jet-lag after a bath, and feel so well rested the next day! & It gives you a glow… Love!
  5. Pack your own trail mix.. this is a life saver. Sometimes I need a handful to hold me over until I can get home and cook a really healthy meal, you know?! Having trail mix is the difference between me caving and getting a NYC street style pizza or getting home and having a kale salad with a homemade dressing over cauliflower rice… I throw in almonds, goji berries, pecans & dark chocolate chunks!! OBSESSED..

What are your summer tips? Let me know!


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