BLUE LIGHT 101 and how to block it

GOOOOD morning! I realized I haven’t done a blog post about blue light recently- AKA a lot of the light we’re surrounded by today that has a significant impact on our health. One of the main culprits is… BLUE LIGHT. Let’s talk about it.

So the sun emits light right? It emits “white light” this includes light on all sides of the spectrum, including some blue light. However the screens on our phone, the light from our lamps, and  our laptops emit a LOT of blue light. You know when people say that a phone before bed makes falling asleep harder? This is the reason. Studies are coming out from all over the artificial blue light has more of an adverse effect on our health than we think- especially on our skin (some say it’s as aging as UV, bare minerals even has a sunscreen that  protects the skin from blue light), eyes & MOOD. It could be worse for you than even junk food!

Our circadian rhythm is delicate, it tells us when to fall asleep, when to get hungry, etc. When we check our phone, blue light tells our brains it’s time to wake up. It shuts off melatonin, which is what our brain produces to make us sleepy. 

Here are some tips to avoid blue light:

  • Use a dim red light in the bedroom, it has the least power to shift your circadian rhythm!
  • Expose yourself to infrared or some sunlight during the day, it boosts your mood, alertness, plus helps you fall asleep when nighttime rolls around.

And lastly…


Seriously, they change the whole damn game. I LOVE my blue-blocking glasses, HECK  I’m wearing them right now. I got my glasses to be prescription AND blue-blocking from Ambr eye wear and I LOVE THEM. It’s great for anytime your indoors and are exposed to artificial blue light. 

SERIOUSLY. I didn’t realize how much it had an effect on me regularly until I tried these, and it’s addicting once you feel SO much better. I also recommend using IRIS on your laptop and night mode on your iPhone to reduce blue light, or you can head HERE for a great blue light iphone shield. It’s a game changer.

ANYWAYS off until next time. I’m literally headed off to infrared AND have a wine hangover. LMAO. Too-da-looo!!! 


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