Hope you guys alll had an amazing weekend!! Mine was super hectic but got a lot of stuff done on Saturday & was pretty much dead all Sunday (lol).

Anyways, many posts to come about the veg fest, & I’m also testing out a lot of new organic skin care so a post is coming soon! But lately I’ve been obsessed with my daily detox drinks. I tweak them depending on my mood but one thing stays consistent- I have one every morning before my smoothie / coffee!

1 tbsp of Chlorophyll
Lots of lemon (I squeeze in half a lemon)
2 tbsp Organic & unfiltered (Dr. Braggs is my go-to) Apple Cider Vinegar

I shake it up with ice cold water and bring it with me on the way to the gym or gulp it down first thing in the morning. The main ingredient in this that I’m obsessed with is the Chlorophyll!! It’s just so damn amazing, I’m obsessed!


Strong anti inflammatory & anti cancerous properties (always a bonus)

Weight control (yes plz)

Detoxes the liver (SO good on a hangover, lol)

Vitamins A, C, E & K and also a natural sunscreen “support” (AKA don’t skimp on sunscreen, ever!)

Heals wounds & skin (makes your skin clear & glow!! Trust me on this- not sponsored at all.. just obsessed! )

**note: I’ve been adding chlorophyll to my ice cube facial & it is AH MAY ZING. Especially because of the vitamins, wound healing properties, anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s green liquid gold!

The lemon and ACV fight major bloat, and just keep you feeling fresh and awake. I’m obsessed with this little morning cocktail and it’s so addicting. I ordered my chlorophyll on amazon here!

Thanks guys & let me know what’s your morning ritual? I’ve been enjoying my morning bulletproof blend (sans the sugar/milk) after my detox drink, and when I start getting hungry I’ve just been craving a green apple dipped in almond butter.

Off to catch some hot yoga (I’ve been obsessed about chakras lately, any good book or video recommendations?!)

Anyways, enjoy your Tuesday!

Xx Valerie

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