Hey guys!! I haven’t been a HUGE coffee drinker since I switched to my celery juice, BUT on a rainy day like this in NYC, there’s nothing I love MORE than to just have a creamy adaptogenic bulletproof mocha about 30 minutes after my celery juice. It’s creamy, it’s vegan, it’s warm & chocolatey and filled with health benefits. I LOVE IT.

Plus, if you know me- I love sneaking adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms into my drinks- they combat stress, inflammation, and boost your mood, YES PLEASE!!

OK. So let’s just zoom into this Cacao Powder real quick, its a really amazing blend of organic reishi, cordyceps and raw cacao- plus a little pink salt. I seriously LOVE Moodbeli Mushroom blends because I can add adaptogens SO easily and make all sorts of mochas, hot chocolate & elixir blends. I seriously use their blends every day! So excited to share this %20 off link with you, just click HERE.

+coined the “medicine of kings” and “elixir of eternal life”… so we know- this ‘shroom is no joke.
+amazing for cleansing your liver and weight loss
+reduces bloating.
+For ANXIETY, STRESS, MEMORY, & FOCUS- which is why it balances out my coffee!
+Anti Inflammatory

+traditionally used to fight fatigue & brain fog.
+reduces inflammation
(If you want to dive deeper into cordyceps, click HERE.)

It’s quite the easy process.

1. I make my coffee per usual in my French press (Isn’t she SO CUTE.) and I do a bulletproof coffee.

2. I take my Moodbeli Mushroom Adaptogen and add a big scoop.

3. I take this coconut creamer. It’s really such a dream. & it’s called CLOUD POWDER. It’s rich in a bunch of vitamins and minerals and made from organic coconuts and rice.

Add a splash of sweetener of choice & VOILÁ!!! A creamy magic mushroom mocha. By the way, MOODBELI is a way that I’ve been able to incorporate adaptogens & medicinal mushrooms in SUCH an easy way- it’s beginner friendly too. If you wanna shop- I got a link for you for 20% off!

See ya next time,

Xx Valerie


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