Hi guys, so I have a serious confession. I’m literally so obsessed with tacos, it’s a problem. Especially with the best taco trucks on every block in Brooklyn?! SERIOUSLY. I could eat tacos for every meal every single day. I make them in my kitchen all the time, but my latest obsession has been breakfast tacos!! YES. I mean, can you think of anything better?! LOL ( I have a problem sry not sry)


Organic soft corn tortilla
Jack cheese (I love the kind with Jalapeño) 1 egg + 1 egg white
Lean organic turkey (grass-fed, hormone free, yada yada.. do what you can!)
Spinach (or mixed greens)
diced tomato & onion
coconut oil or Ghee

1. Scramble the eggs, add in diced tomatoes, onions, shreds of the sliced turkey
2. Prepare the skillet with coconut oil/ ghee, place corn tortilla for about 30 seconds on medium heat each side to get them nice and warm.

3.Put your tortilla on the plate, put pepper jack on the heated tortilla and add greens on top

3. Cook the eggs per usual! Add himalayan pink salt, some pepper & once they are done, put them in the taco


TADA!! Perfect breakkyy for after the gym! I don’t consume such heavy foods after I wake up (I wait 3-4 hours before my first meal) So after my green juice this is perfection. I like to a little hot sauce sometimes (Mango hot sauce is AMAZING with this. Trust me!!!

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