Thank GOD for warmer weather (still waiting for the clouds to be gone in NYC, tho) but lately, I’ve been having SO many amazing finds and I had to share.


INSTANT REBOUND MASK by Shea moisture (with coffee cherry & dragon’s blood): I love mixing a little turmeric into this mask! So good. Caffeine really tightens the skin, and turmeric is amazing for fighting inflammation. It’s not a mask that dries hard, but I do feel like it really cleanses my pores (and super moisturized) after! I also love to put it under my eyes, the turmeric & caffeine work wonders.


TRIPLE SEC by Dry Bar: “texturizes, amplifies, refreshes”great dry shampoo, and gives me that New York done-but-undone vibe. win.

ROSE WATER by Mario Badescu with ROSE WITCH HAZEL by Thayers: So I was running half-way low on my rosewater, and thought, why don’t I add some of my Witch Hazel? Let me tell you, I love this stuff. Such an amazing life hack, lol- and I keep it by my bed. If I had a second I’d totally throw the travel size in a gym bag!


EA AROMA CARE essential oil pack (got these on AMAZON): I bought these when I first got my oil diffuser and I love them! They smell amazing and I love how they are blends of oils. The names are: Muscle Relief, Detox, Relax, Sleep Well, Rejuvenate, and Harmonize. Perfect for me because I had no idea which oils to buy first! Took all the guessing out and are honestly the best (I have this oil diffuser). “We do not add synthetic chemicals or dilute our Oil. We use 3 methods of extraction which include, Supercritical CO2 Extraction, Cold Pressed, and Steam Distillation.” & they’re so affordable. Sold.


I always love testing out new items, so let me know your favorites!! Now back to eating black bean pasta with Vodka sauce (and I’ve been obsessed with adding this herb goat cheese to it! found it at Whole Foods and its called Chevre, and I add it to sandwiches with avo, tomato, and salmon locks w a little lemon and sometimes jalapeno, over Ezekiel bread.. obsessed. )



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