BUSY GIRL’S GUIDE: tips & tricks

HI Guys: I have been running around so much that I figured this post was hella needed.

Like you know when your so busy, you don’t remember the last time you had a meal sitting down/responding to various emails? Youuuu get it.

I hate the “Oh I’ve just been busy” But like, that’s me right now! & the MOST important thing to do when your busy like that is to keep organized so you can be efficient & feel good. Even if it’s just 10 minutes to refocus. Like meditate (even if you need to wake up 10 minutes earlier…)

Candles & oil burners- if you have to sit there are do some work for a few hours, put together a healthy quick snack and light the candle & have a clean space. You have to do those emails anyway.. make it a vibe.

**Throw healthy snacks in your bag and squeeze time in your Google Cal to hit the gym with a friend. Kills two birds with one stone. I haven’t had much time to just *chill* with friends, so it’s PERFECT. Pilates & steam, baby (and maybe a quick sushi stop?)

Pack your bag the night before- so last night I made sure I had frozen bananas for my smoothie, had my bags packed (i.e. gym outfit, casting outfit, event later… you get it) and sliced up some green apple with cinnamon and a side of raw nut butter and put it in the fridge. I did it all with a face mask on & drinking my sleepy time tea when I got home at 3 am. HA. But, I’d rather get the peaceful morning at an extra 15 min. of shut eye.

GOOGLE CALENDAR is the new crack. HA. What the hell kind of 19 year old am I. ANYWAYS. Seriously, there’s nothing more I love on a Sunday than snacking while catching up with friends on the phone and google calendering (is that a verb?!) my week because if not I’m like Dory from Finding Nemo the next week and stressed TF out. Maybe throw a little meal prep in there, and some Rosè & cookies in a bath to end the night(with epsom salts OBVI.).

Am I low-key a 40 yr old woman?! HA.

Basically create a system that works for you. And be prepared & don’t let things you normally do slip away, i.e. gym time, meditation and healthy eating.

FINALLY spent a relaxing weekend in the hamptons!!

Xx I’ll be laid out by the pool.


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