Happy friday!! It’s finally so nice and warm here in NYC & I just got to use my rooftop and have a nice bonfire with some friends this week (bonfires are my favorite night-in thing to do with friends.. I’ll post some fun recipes!)

Anyways- I was talking to my friend that I was reading and watching a documentary all about how much sugar is in everything and how good you feel when you cut it out.. and we challenged each other to a 30 day cleanse!

RULES// no added sugar, no aspartame or “sugar-free” foods with artificial sweeteners, and dates are fine in moderation.

The easiest way to do this challenge is to cook at home as much as you can because sugar is SO SNEAKY! It hides in dressings, ketchup, nut butters, bread and pretty much every processed foods, so reading the ingredients list is your best friend. And full blog post on my thoughts on this sugar cleanse after the 30 days is over!

Tips and tricks:

healthy fats, nut butters, and green apples are great. In case of emergency, have a date or some dried fruit! The first week (the adjustment period) is always the hardest.

Do it with a friend! Seriously. Being held accountable & having a support system is everything!

Watch Fed Up on Netflix.. seriously! Has all the scary side affects of sugar on the body & it’s so interesting!

What are your fav no-added sugar treats? Let me know! I’m dying to try some new ones (and new ones coming soon!) & I’ll do a check in in a week or two also!

Xx Valerie


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