HEYY I’m excited for this post. It’s a little tippity tip that you can throw into your smoothies & it’s seriously my new FAV thing!


Ok.. ok.. it’s a really gnarly looking dark greenish looking powder. But the benefits are next level. I mean.. it’s LITERALLY pod scum (algae.. lol)

It’s high in protein, B vitamins, Iron & calcium & a shit ton of other vitamins & compounds.. I’m not kidding it’s such a mood booster & gives me sooo much energy & clarity. It’s literally the most nutritionally dense food on the planet.

But the main factor I love about it is the detox. It binds to heavy metals to help flush them out & helps remove toxins from your blood.

I just add a scoop, some greens, banana, frozen berries & almond milk or coconut water, and maybe a scoop of my chocolate sun warrior protein!!

ALSO.. here’s a lil random video of me and Ryan singing that we just uploaded(: Happy Tuesday!

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