HI HI. So.. I’m not a huge snacker? Like if it’s around, I can’t help it, but I’d rather have 3 big meals a day and not have to think about it, ya know? ANYWAYS. When I’m out running to castings, events, Pilates, you name it… it can end up taking 5+ hours of me not being home. & I love something easy I can just throw in my bag. I usually like to eat pretty keto because it keeps me FULL!!

And a girl gets hungry. Like real hungry. And sees a sign for NY PIZZA and caves. I’m all for pizza, but not as an everyday thing when I’m trying to have energy & feel good, you know? Especially if I have a shoot coming up.

SO. I love having snacks in my bag, that fill me up & hold me over. And actually give me ENERGY.

Also- not a huge fan of bars?? Most of them are full of BS, and I don’t love the taste.

SO my go to all time FAV (like I would eat it for breakfast)
1// SLICED APPLE PIE: slice up a Granny Smith apple and throw it in a ziploc bag. Throw in some cinnamon (& I add a little pumpkin pie spice.. you can even add a dash of turmeric if you’re in the mood) and shake up the bag. I fill a little container with almond butter, and if I’m craving some chocolate, sprinkle some cacao nibs for a boost of energy and antioxidants (seriously such a super food, love raw cacao nibs!) and it’s such an EASY & efficient snack. Fav.

2// Sliced peppers & hummus- this is a more savory option, depending on your mood but it’s SOO good! Plus, the protein & fat really keeps me full & peppers have so much vitamin C!

3// POPCORN- cut out that canola oil and butter and salt shit. I like to grab the bags of popcorn with barely any oil or flavoring if I’m in a bunch, and they are super easy if you’re like a bored water or are watching a movie (it happens) ALSO. I’m obsessed with kettle corn, but they usually have WAY too much sugar. Try to find a lightly sweetened version, ya know?

4// TRAIL MIX- I’m picky AF (what can I say) so I always make my own. I love doing pumpkin seeds, goji berries, really dark chocolate, almonds, etc. The BEST part about this snack is that there’s a looong shelf life. So you can throw it in your bag and just have it with you.

5// CELERY & TUNA- I love buying wild Alaskan canned salmon actually and mixing it with a little vegan ranch (!!!) so good. And putting it on a celery stick is my FAV. You can even get the little tuna packets in the store which is really easy too (just always check ingredients).

SO.. I need to hear your healthy snacks?!! Always great to switch IT UP.


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