If you’re slacking on any new years or monthly goals- here’s a reminder to take a look at them again (;

Ok but honestly, the gym is my time to recharge, and there’s a steam room so once a week, I like to do a facemask & hair mask and just.. STEAM.

If you have access to a steam room, here’s a reminder to take advantage of that!! Honestly, so many benefits. (Detox, clear sinuses, weight loss, etc..)

Personally, I opt for a big tote, I alternate between a black backpack or my speedy 35, not a big fan of the typical “gym bag” because I’m usually carrying it all day.

Here are my essentials that I throw into my bag so I can hop in the gym when I have free time in between appointments, castings, etc.

Gym clothes: obviously these are an essential. My typical gym outfit is a sports bra, leggings (girlfriend collective are my FAV), and a pair of sneakers. If I can- I’ll just wear my gym outfit out for the day.

Masks: I always keep tiny travel sizes of facemasks in my makeup bag, I LOVE this one! It comes with a ton of tiny sizes and is perfect for a gym bag. If it’s a hydrating mask, I wear it in the steam room, but if it’s a hardening clay mask, I use it after. Also, once a week I’ll throw on a hair mask before I steam as well.

Headphones: GUYS. So excited about this one. Bluetooth waterproof headphones. First off, the sound is amazing. And I love the bluetooth aspect because I can workout (jumprope, burpees, etc.) without worrying about my phone. But the best part is I can bring these babies into the steam room and listen to music/podcasts etc. I got them for $25 on Amazon and they’re perfect!!

Travel bag: Trust me- you never know when you’re at the gym and you make plans asap and need to get ready! Just bring a mascara, a bb cream, a rollerball, and a lip balm and you’re good to go.

Charger: Needless to say, my phones always dead and I’m always charging it in the locker room. Whoops!

Water bottle: because hydration is key, & if I can I always add a little lemon and ACV!

So what are your gym essentials? I’d love to share more fitness tips/hacks with you guys in future posts!

Xx Valerie


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