heat-tools-for-hair-beauty-blogHI HI.

So, I have struggled with my hair literally since day 1. I’m a naturally curly girl, and it’s not that I hate my curls, but I have a long time love affair with my heat tools. Through working with my hair, I have found amazing products  & a routine that I can’t wait to share with you.

By the way, I should note that I only wash my hair about once a week (depending on what I’m doing, events, how my hair feels, etc.). Saturday nights are usually my fav nights to do this whole routine.

SOOO here we go!



-Before I wash my hair I use this Nexxus pre-wash primer. It feels like silk on your hair and saves your ends from shampooing and all that washing! I like to let my pre-shampoo really soak into my hair, and often will apply pre-shampoo, put my hair up and go workout! I also LOVE the Phyto one. Both work amazing.

Note: I make sure to brush my hair before I hop in the shower! It makes life 9384234x easier and lets the product really work itself into every strand.

SHOWER TIME: SO here’s where it gets interesting (kind of). I hop in the shower and do the usual (shave legs, wash, etc.) and shampoo my hair ( I like this one, no sulfates etc. I do keratin treatments also). NOTE: I do not condition in the shower!!

So, I like to make this an overnight process. I really take care of my hair because I do only wash it once per week.

Once I hop out of the shower, and squeeze the moisture out of my hair with a soft towel ( a t-shirt works too) do not rub. I’ll leave my hair up in the towel while I do the whole lotion and get dressed thing.

When I’m all done, I take my hair out of the towel and it’s damp/wet but not dripping. This lets your water really soak up that mask!! I have a ton of hair, so I section off my hair with clips.


FAV MASKS: choose one that works for your hair. I have curly, dry, and thick hair and I love these.

Pureology– ( they have the best masks I’ve ever tried!!!) and they typically retail for around $50 but are way less on amazon.

I also just tried this Carol’s Daughter mask, which is a less expensive option and I think I like it even better!

SO, I notice the biggest difference when I put in my mask and sleep in it overnight! I use the same clips and twist it up into a bun on the top of my head. After the mask is on my hair for a bit, it’s safe to sleep on it but if you are paranoid about your pillowcase just put a t-shirt over them! (I always wash my pillowcases on Sundays anyways, too).

In the morning I’ll just hop in the shower and rinse the mask out. If I have the time, I like to let it mostly air dry.

Products I love: I put products in my hair when it’s still damp. It just feels so much better to me.

imgresHeat protectant: Crack

I love this because it gives you total heat protection (UVA/ UVB & Thermal), has acaí extract & silk proteins, and it’s vegan!

Hair softener: Aveda, this just makes my hair feel even silkier, I love it!! It’s totally a staple.

Hair oils: This is my favorite (Also pureology!) I always but a tiny bit while my hair is wet to keep the frizz down. After I’m done styling I will                                            apply extra oil on my ends.


OKAY:, so once my hair is 100% dry I begin to use my heat tools. Make SURE it is completely bone dry!! Seriously. It makes the BIGGEST difference when styling! If it is not totally dry, it takes soo much longer to style and gets super frizzy super quick, guys!

I always do soft waves with my straightener when I heat style. Let me know if you guys would like a tutorial, I have my own method I LOVE and saves so much time. <3

I’ll leave you with a few hair tips for a girl on the go:

  • SILK PILLOWCASES: a total must. Order some on amazon travel with them! I promise, it’s a game changer.
  • REMEMBER→ totally soaked hair when you shampoo, and damp hair when you condition (squeeeeze out all that moisture!).
  • If it’s raining, twist you’re hair and tuck it under your jacket or hood. EVEN if you have an umbrella. It’s the humidity that cramps your hairstyle.
  • Find your go-to dry shampoo. Everyone has their own favorite but I looooove this one.
  • Take Gelatin, Collagen, eat your fruits and veggies, and drink that water! Enough said.

So thaaat’s my routine. Hope you enjoyed! Off to go take a MUCH needed nap, NYC does that to me.

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