Hi hi.. hello & happy memorial day!! Today I wanted to share my Pantry must-haves! Things I need to have at ALL times and keep stocked because they are staples in my recipes and are healthy! These things also may make it WAY easier to eat healthy, and are total #healthylifehacks.



NUTS: I always make sure to have cashews on hand (AKA key in 5-min cashew milk!) but I also love making my own trail mix and keeping it in my bag.. so I like to mix up the nuts I buy for this! Lately I’ve been eating almonds & hazelnuts. These have great fats & are an awesome source of plant-based PROTEIN.

NUT MILK: I drink nut milk everyday.. I make my own but if you choose not to.. total staple because I don’t consume any dairy. Make sure if you do buy nut milk to ALWAYS read the ingredients and check for no added sugar!

CHIA SEEDS: for… er, everything?! I LOVE adding it to water with lemon.. so many benefits! I also add it to 3 ingredient pancakes (1 banana, 2 eggs, and a teaspoon of chia), in smoothies, cacao chia seed pudding (recipe coming soon!) etc! SO versatile.

GREEN JASMINE & PEPPERMINT TEA: I do a bag of peppermint and a bag of green jasmine in a mug. I also have this local Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Pollen & Raw honey I add to it, so good for digestion after a big meal! And I just love it. I got my honey blend from a farmers market, but any raw local honey does the trick!

COCONUT OIL: umm.. need I say more?! Perfect for baking, sautéing veggies, and if you choose you can use it on your skin, hair, etc. IM sure you’ve already heard WAY too much about coconut oil, HA

GHEE: I love it for veggies & my bullet proof!

CACAO NIBS: It’s no secret I have a chocolate problem. I love adding Cacao nibs to a smoothie with frozen bananas, cashew milk, and a spoonful of nut butter. SO GOOD!

FROZEN BANANAS: Kudos if you can find bananas in the frozen isle, but I always just chop them up & throw them in the freezer! I add it to smoothies & use themto make nice cream (:

SPINACH: no explanation needed, lol. Frozen spinach is amazing too for sautéing and smoothies, since the shelf life is so much longer!

GRILLED CHICKEN: (I always buy Trader Joe’s Grilled Chicken) If I feel like I need filling protein & have a long day ahead this is SO easy to cook u (5 mins maybe) and only has a few ingredients. Plus.. raw chicken grosses me out to cook a little bit?! Sorry it’s true. LOL

Disclaimer: I eat mostly plant-based foods, but I’ve found I feel amazing when I incorporate a little bit of chicken, some honey, ghee, bone broth etc. Do what your body loves!

FROZEN BERRIES: I like to get a blend to throw into smoothies. A lot of brands like to sneak ingredients into this.. there should only be one! BERRIES.

COFFEE: What can I say?! I blend my bulletproof with Brain Octane & Ghee. GAME changer. If you don’t have these just blend black coffee with coconut oil!


ALMOND BUTTER: I love it on pancakes (is that weird?!) with dark chocolate, in smoothies, acai bowls, you name it. Total staple!

NUTRITIONAL YEAST: Great on any dishes you’d love to add cheese to (i.e. popcorn, pasta, you name it)

KOMBUCHA: I don’t love yogurt really, so I love incorporating Kombucha into my diet. G.T is my favorite brand because there’s no added sugar!

SUPPLEMENTS: I feature my favs on separate posts! (I.E ashwaganda, Magnesium (natural calm), reishi, biotin, collagen, and chaga)

LENTIL PASTA: The trader joes one is the best.. and the only ingredient is lentils?!

PRODUCE: a variety of greens, lemons, Green Apples, Brussel Sprouts, and whatever is in season locally I love to switch it up & always try to shop organic & at a farmers market when I can!

So that’s it! Having a rotation of foods you can make easily and on the go is essential. And I love being home and having all my items to make my favorite recipes! (I have SO many new ones to share.. )

ANYWHO I’m off to edit a quick vid for you all to check out!


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