HEALTHY STAPLES: Savory & Sweet Superfood Salad

Hey girl! So lately I’ve been on the GO. Like almost way too much. Can’t complain, but I was realizing how much I was eating out! And it was really affecting my energy levels, so I’ve been experimenting with my favorite healthy lunches to take on the go- and came up with my all time new favorite salad.

See, I don’t consider myself a salad person. I go for a ceasar from time to time, but salad has never been a favorite of mine.

BUT GUYS, I’ve been having this salad at least 4-5 times… A WEEK. & also it’s so quick, simple & easy to throw together.

SO here it is!

Dried Cranberries
Chia seeds (feel free to add any seeds!)
Pecans (my fav- and adds the best crunch)
Chopped green apple
Chopped carrots
Chopped cooked sweet potato ( I poke it with a fork 4 times and stick it in the micro super quick, 3 minutes turn over and then 3 minutes again.)
Carrot Miso Dressing



Not much instruction left, just throw it all together and put it in a to-go container! Honestly, SO GOOD! If you try it out for yourself, I’d love to know your thoughts!

Xx Valerie


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