I totally feel like this is totally something super relevant rn bc HELL was I in a funk this weekend. Not even upset but something felt… off? It can happen for a variety of reasons but it’s always a MAJOR reminder to slow the fuck D-O-W-NNNNN.

I look at 3 things when I’m in a funk. The quickest thing to do this to me is if I’m not eating right and drinking enough water. Usually I’m forgetting to drink water and it gives me MAJOR brain fog. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE.

NEXT thing… Meditate. Brain fog is usually a million things running through your head that you can’t actually focus on anything and end up scrolling through instagram and wasting time… been there? lol. But seriously. Take some deep breaths (smell the flowers & blow out the candles) & really clear your mind. And just 10 minutes is more than enough

MAJOR KEY ALERT: I always feel like a funk is kind of a sign you need to reevaluate & switch things UP. Are your goals not exciting you anymore? Do you feel just like, super bored? Are you not letting your creativity flow, not eating right? Make a vision board, write down some things your grateful for, plan your week and check some things off of your to do list. You need to be stimulated, ya know?

THROW OUT: the toxic things in your life and do a major declutter. Once your done, light a candle & read a book, or listen to a podcast, or write a blog post & be creative. Spend time alone (:

How do you get out of a funk? It’s so important to be intuitive, but also take action (even though sometimes you just wanna scroll through IG in a dark room and take sporadic naps? lol)

Anyways, off to a dinner & leaving my house, LOL Have a great night!! Xoxo

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