Hi hi again.. I wanted to write this quickie about how I prep for a photo shoot, and the little extra things I like to do to feel %100 camera-ready. NO BS.. & quick and efficient. Actually, I try to do these all the time, and not only when I’m shooting!

#1 TIP: HYDRATION.. MAJOR major key. Keeps your tummy flat & your skin glowing. YES pls. I also notice that if I’m not hydrated, it makes is so hard for me to wake up in the morning!!

The night before a shoot I make sure my hair is washed and that I’ve used a hair mask, and I love to do a mask on my face to prep it for the next day. I make sure to add a serum to my skin and my living libations frankincense face cream before bed! If I have the time.. I love to take a hot bath with epsom salts, it makes me sleep like a baby! If I take a bath, I do it with my masks in because the steam really opens everything up!

I also ALWAYS drink my nighttime beauty elixir every night. It’s my #1 tip I swear by! BEST. SLEEP. EVER. Also, make sure you’re always taking a probiotic before bed. SO. IMPORTANT.

#2 TIP: MASK. IT. UP. No seriously, I’m a mask junky. Like theres nothing more I love to do than lay in bed with my dogs, pop on a face mask, & read a book. (currently REALLY missing my dogs.) I always make sure I do a mud based mask before bed and a calming/hydrating one in the morning before a shoot. I also really love a good ice roller on the face. It’s the BEST.

#3 TIP: Caffeine. Go bulletproof. I had years I didn’t drink coffee but now… life’s to short?! But do it right. Blog post here. I also love the LUSH Cup O’ Coffee mask and it works as a body or face scrub/mask!

#4 TIP: SWEAT. IT. OUT. Nothing feels better than that post gym, out of the shower, green juice in hand type vibe. Like ready for anything.. ya know?

#5 TIP: GET THOSE 8 HOURS. Seriously. I don’t drink ANY alcohol before a casting or a shoot. & I get my 8 hours. Non negotiable, ooookay?

So HAPPY FOURTH! Any things you love to do to prep before a big day?! Gonna go get a sweat in real quick and then I need a drink & a bikini on a rooftop… and I’m craving oysters?

Xx Valerie

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