I’M BACK: Reflections & Loves!

Hi hi.. hello! Have I MISSED blogging.. So SO sorry for the absence. No excuses here but my laptop DID get stolen.. *eyeroll*

& to follow with that I have been seriously taking it easy post fashion week- especially because I got a little sick. Nothing better than laying in bed & drinking some hot bone broth with rice noodles & broccoli. And if I have a sweet tooth, I reach for sliced granny smith apples with cinnamon & almond butter- YUM!

But not going to lie.. I feel like I’ve had a cheat WEEK! No seriously. I’m back on my DETOX. I moved apartments (helloooo midtown & goodbye Brooklyn!!) and I’m right near a Speedy’s with the BEST chocolate chip cookies. It’s SO dangerous! & I hit the gym maybe 2-3 times?! YIKES.

But guys- I’m coming back strong with a new set of goals, plans & a vision board. If I’m ever de-motivated I just take a lot of time & see where I need to shift in my life. & I noticed myself getting a little… bored.

I also decided to spend my first fall weekend visiting family in PA, & seeing old friends. & central PA has given me SO MUCH reading time!! And nature & my parents have a hottub out back.. so I have just been recharging. Need to come out here more often!

Anyways.. I have a lot of posts up my sleeve, but how have you guys been?! I’ve missed you!

Xx Valerie

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