Mummy & a French Maid.. HA

HI HI… hello my beautiful friends.. really wanting to #VLOG as of lately.. I mean I’m always out in NYC so I feel like I have 0 excuse not to? Like daily life modeling, shoots, castings, what I eat etc.. But until then, I have little habits I do each day that I didn’t even think about until I was on the phone with my mom..

What else is knew (thanks mom! Lol)

Also- halloween costume was a mummy.. can you guess? HAA

ANYWAYS: here we go

1. QUALIA: My new latest obsession! I take it 5 days out of the week, and I take my 3 step one pills in the morning with a hot water with lemon while reading my page in the Daily Stoic back in bed..

No but seriously.. low key I feel like I get mad ADD in NYC & it’s basically like brain food

From the Neurohacker site: ***Qualia is designed to nourish the mind with over 40 premium brain nutrients to immediately enhance focus, energy, mood, and creativity, while supporting long term brain health. Plus.. the bottles are rlly #aesthetic (no.. rlly tho)

2. Reading time: I live right next to an amazon bookstore (They are the best!) & seriously, I feel so clear & great after reading.. You don’t have to make time for reading.. just replace it with things your already doing. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, read. Instead of waiting in the doctors office or on the subway, read. Instead of binging on TV shows at night, you can also finish up a little early & read


Me, my roommate & Lauryn Evarts in NYC! Check out her Him & Her podcast.

3. PODCASTS! I know, I talk about it already.. Podcasts while I clean, walk, shop… er, you get the picture. I’ve been loving Luke Storey’s the Life Stylist, The Him & Her podcast, The Balanced Blond Soul of Fire, Tim Ferris & #ASKGARYVEE

What are some systems or little tips that make you have a kick ass day?! LMK!


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