Headed out to yoga in a hot sec- but wanted to chat about something that’s been on my mind lately, and just super relevant in my life.

I think creating your “dream life” is like a little cocktail. 1 part positive mindset and visualizing, 1 part hard work and figuring out how to get anything you want, and 1 part of complete relentless persistance. Oh- and add a dash of gratitude and reflection, everyone needs to regroup and evolve.

For me- I get really pumped when I write my goals down. It’s honestly the most fun part of this whole thing, I love brainstorming- and honestly growing up through traditional school we never get asked enough what we want out of life or what we love to do. If we don’t do that for ourselves and then take the action to make it happen, then we spend our time doing things that other people want us to do. And it’s not all in the big decisions. It’s actually mostly in the small ones.


What type of people do you want to hang out with?

How do you want to make your money?

How active do you want to be on a daily basis?

How often do you want to do something your passionate about?

It’s the little things we doevery day that add up exponentially over time, and sometimes we don’t realize how much time we spend doing things that take us away from what we want.


We also spend WAY too much time giving a shit about what people think (um, big waste). Be authentic to YOU & you’ll attract the people that get you, ya know?

And last but not least,

have fun kicking some major ass in life.

Another thing I’ve been doing lately. What are things in your life you want to do, but have been pushing off for the perfect time? Schedule those things for first thing you do in the morning. If I don’t work out, create some content, and meditate in the morning, then I get lost doing busy things throughout the day. Do something every single day to chip away at your end goal. Do something that you will thank yourself for in 2020, ya feel?

And remember, you have the same hours in a day as Beyonce has, ok??

KK gotta head out, but wanted to know what you guys think?? & would love to hear your tips!


Xx Valerie

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