HELLO to the world! Wow. It’s been a minute since I’ve sat down to write a post on here. Lately micro-blogging via instagram and interviewing guests on the podcast has been my JAM, but I missed this!

ANYWAYS… I’m here to chat SUPPLEMENTS. There’s SO much mumbo jumbo out there, so this is what really works for ME. My last guest, Vanessa, on the podcast also introduced me to some vitamins that have been SO amazing.

If I don’t see a difference, I don’t waste me time or money. There’s a TON of mumbo jumbo out there, so let’s break down what I’m into, shall we?


Ok, here are the classics, the basics, what I’ve got goin’ on ALL the time. I don’t take a multivitamin, I just think their bullshit- if we’re keeping it one hundred. I always take a quality vitamin D in the wintertime, and a b12 if I’m feeling sluggish.

I also use a ton of herbs and mushrooms in my cooking! I love moodbeli because their blends are so SO easy. This is not an ad, I seriously use them ALL the time. The other day I used their golden turmeric when I was cooking veggies and it was DIVINE.

I also love reishi and their energy tonic.

NOW.. if you’ve heard this weeks episode with Vee’s Honey (AKA Vanessa Fitzgerald) we talk a lot about the adrenals. They get burnt out with stress, stimulants, coffee, bad diet, too much working out, and lack of sleep. If you feel like you find it so hard to wake up in the morning, your foggy during the day, and then at night you are so awake… perk up your EARS! It may be your adrenals.

PANTOTHENIC ACID aka vitamin b5
Shortly after the interview, I ordered these on Amazon. Let me tell you, I had to google them like crazy after I took it because I felt SO happy! It’s really amazing for your adrenals, and I had no idea I needed it until I took it. I feel so clear after and got rid of my fatigue. I SO recommend!

Vanessa calls this nature’s Xanax so I HAD to give it a try, right? It helps keep your nervous system healthy and help keep you calm. She says this is what helped her when she was dealing with the emotional side of her adderall detox. Everyone is different- but this shit WORKS. Plus- it feeds your brain instead of depleting it!

NATURE’S SECRET Multi-herb Digestion and Detox support and Multi-fiber colon cleanse. ANOTHER recommendation by Vanessa. One of each morning and night when your feeling like you need it

, it’s SO gentle, and I’ve found it just really helps me digest and feeling FULL energy. Even eating healthy, I’ve always dealt with stomach bloating and discomfort, and this shit is KEY!

OK so those are pretty much the only supplements I’ll take! I’m off to go record a podcast episode… see ya!

Xx Valerie

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