If you want to achieve something long term, it’s simple. Make it a habit! Trust me, if I can eat healthy then you totally can too. It’s just a matter of incorporating a few easy steps & making it a PRIORITY

So, my life is crazy at the moment. I just moved to Brooklyn and I’m so busy, so you can imagine how easy it is for me to stock up on the junk. Not to mention eat unhealthy lunches and skimp on drinking water.


First and foremost: find easy staples you love.. Things like sweet potatoe chips for snacking, green tea, lots of water, and play around with making salads, soups, etc.

RICE & BEANS: this is amazing here.. You can prepare this and tweak it however you want! (i.e. quinoa & lentils, brown rice and black beans w avo, you get the picture) and make enough rice and beans to last you the whole week! Plus, i like to store this in a mason jar if I need to have a quick nutritious lunch on the train, yum!

Also green smoothies: forget about green juice (although I love them!) Green smoothies are where it’s at. They are full of fiber (which keeps you full & regular(; ) and you can store it in your fridge in an airtight container for about three days! I have my favorite recipes are coming in a blog post!

BRING A WATER BOTTLE EVERYWHERE: I refill a small disposable one, that way I can throw it out if my bag gets too heavy!


Find “healthy cheats”- listen guys, this one is a life saver. If you can get yourself some cashew vegan delicious key lime pie, 3 ingredient pancakes with organic pure maple syrup, etc. you will feel so satisfied and really be able to nourish your body still and stay on track! You can find the best recipes on the internet, and if you guys have any requests, totally leave them below and I can teach you my version!Meditate- wait, what? I know what you’re thinking, what does this have to do with healthy eating? Everything. Just hear me out here, this has literally changed my life! (blog post coming soon, all about meditation, my routine, and making your own meditation spot)

When you meditate, you take time to sit still and listen to your body. When I meditate, I really am in tune with my body and I know what I need. Am I not working out enough? Eating too much sugar? Am I dehydrated? Also, meditation is scientifically proven to improve will power and is SO good for you.

Let me know if you have any healthy eating tips or habits that help you stay on track!

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