Can someone please tell me how I managed to escape the hangover that’s plagued everyone in my apartment?! Lol.

ANYWHO excited about these coconut flour- chocolate chip pancakes I just finished making and now laying in bed blogging: IDEAL Sunday (;

ANYWAYS. A few weeks ago I attended Model Volleyball: A volleyball competition in Miami where agencies each have a team and models signed by that agency represent them.

I’ve never been- and it was INSANE! Behind the DJ there was an area with a juice bar, massages, Poke, Spanish food, Guiltless Goodies (new fav), and coconut water (my fav was the massages…ha) & it was right on the beach. GOD I miss the beach!!!!!!

** not in video: me in the ER after being chucked in the eyeball with an ice cube. Accident? Yes. Was the dude drunk? Def.  It’s laughable now.. lmao

ANYWAYS this is by far my fav video up to date: maybe because my editing skills are subpar @ best. HA thank ya RYAN <333333

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