Hey guys! I wanted to do a quick roundup of all my fav “model” secrets that I absolutely swear by.. as well as update you on some new things I’m doing. Whether if you want to boost energy or shed some lbs, these tips are TOP!

  1. A GOOD PROBIOTIC. Pop one daily- thank me later. It’s insane for digestion (aka FLAT tummy!!)
  2. MAGNESIUM- I’ve done a whole post on this. It relaxes your muscles & keeps you skinny.. trust me. I try and have it every night. And you will sleep like a baby!
  3. DRINK WATER LIKE A FISH: Helloooo clear skin, flat tummy & insane energy!! Keep a beverage with you at all times. Trust me, you will drink 10x more water! I also start my mornings with hot lemon & apple cider vinegar water (If I’m getting sick, I add raw honey, turmeric, ginger & cinnamon!! Life changer)
  4. BULLETPROOF COFFEE: I don’t eat my first meal until 1 or 2 PM.. & blending my bulletproof with some healthy fats makes it easy peasy. Plus, I love working out before I eat! Coffee really boosts your metabolism and cuts down on cravings.. and a boost of energy is great for a good workout. Find my recipe here! Or black coffee is fine too. BTW, bulletproof is a mold & toxin free brand of coffee I swear by! It gives me the energy without the crashes, jitters, etc. I get mine at Whole Foods!
  5. COLLAGEN PROTEIN: Protein keeps you full. The more carbs I cut, the more definition I see in my body. I love a GG cracker because they are high in fiber & keep me sooo full! I also up my veggies and try to not consume any sugar (fruits are ok! I love some pomegranates!) Don’t be afraid of healthy fats either!! It keeps you really full, too.

ANYWAYS I am off to accupuncture.. btw, totally recommend! & focusing on some vid content lately too <3

Signing off,



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