HEYYYY there chica. For the next week I’m trying out an experiment… INTERMITTENT FASTING. While on the whole bullet proof train, I began hearing about all the health benefits of intermittent fasting..

Now there are a few different types. Personally, I am practicing the 16-8 rule. Fast for 16 hours a day (so your eating period is 8 hours). That sounds crazy but I kind of do that already?! That means your eating window for all your calories is between 12 and 8 pm. I workout in the morning and prefer to do so after drinking a tall 16 oz. of water and then my bulletproof coffee, so I typically don’t get around to eating until 12 pm anyway. The hardest part for me has always been midnight snacking (YIKES)

Is it just me?? There is nothing that can come between me & chocolate past 10 pm… *SIGH*

ANYWHO.. I’m trying this for the next 5 days and coming back to you with my thoughts.. This is not at all restricting your calories. In fact, you are consuming the same amount of calories, just within a shorter window of time. The fasting period makes it so your body can get back to a lower level of insulin and it gives it a break, you know? Plus, instead of digesting all day, your giving your body a major break.


-Drops insulin levels> promotes fat burning.. which makes it the best time to go for a run! Fasted cardio is insane for burning fat
-Soo good for losing weight (although your keeping calorie amount consistent!
-Gives digestive system a break
-reduces inflammation in the body
-increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which promotes fat burning & muscle growth!

Have you guys tried intermittent fasting?? What about keto?



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