Happy  Monday my friends!! This rooftop shot from a shoot a few weeks ago really fit in to the “witchy” blog post.. don’t ya think? haha.  Lately, I’ve been feeling extra cozy,  lighting candles, spending more time reading & decorating for the holidays (it’s this weather!!)  KEY reason why I  HAVE to work out in the morning.. ha! #noshame

Being in NYC, I’ve started to love the moon! It’s sort of the only part of nature I’m connected to nowadays, and it feels extra magical to look at.. especially with the NYC skyline.

Anyways, this week I’ve been diving into a very witchy book… MOONOLOGY! It’s all about using the phases & energy of the moon to *supercharge* your life. AKA manifesting, etc..  Even from a *skeptical/logical* view of this, you can use the moon as a goal setting timer.. you feel me?! I 100% recommend this book, but here’s a quickie:

NEW MOON: Perfect time to set goals for the month & to really get clear about what you want to accomplish!

☽ “plant seeds”

☽ set your goals for the month!

☽ write a manifest list.. & you can rip it up or burn it if you want! (HA so dramatic.. but who cares!!! Don’t take things to srsly (; just let GO)

☽ take a bath

☽ sage with intent on what you want to manifest

CRESCENT MOON: Best time to *intentionally* rid anything that doesn’t serve you- like toxic relationships, thoughts, habits



☽evaluate what isn’t serving you

☽evaluate how you are unconsciously resisting what you truly want

FIRST QUARTER: really commit on what you want!

☽ re-read or reflect on your goals

WAXING GIBBOUS: BEST time to focus on building the positive..

☽tweak& hone in on your plans- focus on what is working

☽ visualize what you really want (incorporate all 5 senses)

FULL MOON (my fav!) during this time, your extra sensitive & aware.. & this is the time when you’re goals come to reality. Best time to take the action towards your goals that you have been previously scared to take.

☽ BE fearless!

☽ FEEL gratitude

☽ sage with intent to release

WANING GIBBOUS: moon is becoming less *lit* lol.

☽Best time to figure out your own limiting beliefs

LAST QUARTER MOON: use what you learned from Waning Gibbous & take action!


WANING MOON/ BALSAMIC MOON: Your just 3-days away from a new moon & a whole new cycle! Time to clear out any bad juju

☽release control, grudges, etc. & trust in life

SO there you have it.. I made this blog post because I wanted a quick reference guide for myself.. & wanted to share a quick guide for you also!

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