Hi hi!! So I’m currently just waiting for my bus to take me back into the city… & I CANT wait to be back in my home!! Call me crazy- but I love my routine. You know- like making my matcha lattes, diffusing my oils & hitting the gym in the AM.

Anyways- this trip to see family (especially since my sister is leaving for San Fran) has been so refreshing. Saw friends and had too much pizza on Friday/ Saturday.. but today has just been all meditating, juice cleansing & hiking in the mountains. Feeling x10284838 times better.



I love packing healthy snacks for the road (sorry, no gas station food for me) & I sliced some green apples & almond butter for the ride home. Plus, I’m back on a major health kick. I also love snacking on lentil hummus over a rice cracker & some olives.. yum.

Anyways- really wanted to chat about these INSANE matcha lattes I’ve been having lately.. & the benefits of Matcha.

Obsessed is an understatement.


Matcha is a powder made from the green tea leaf.. so you are ingesting the entire leaf!

1 cup of matcha has the same amount of antioxidants of 137 cups of green tea & about 10x the nutritional value- looovveee it

Contains fiber, chlorophyl & vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, & magnesium

Boosts metabolism & detoxes the body

Soooo yeah. I’ve come up with a drink I love to shakeup EVERY morning & bring with me on morning walks to pilates.



1 c. Of almond milk (love Califia)

1/2 tsp of Matcha Powder (Tease! )

1 tsp of Four Sigmatic Superfood blend

1 scoop of Sun Warrior vegan protein powder

Optional: tsp of raw cacao

Add ice and shakey shake!! All done & amazing pre or post workout. And the protein really keeps me full & the matcha has insane benefits for energy, mood, & my metabolism & skin! & I am obsessed with all the mushrooms in the superfood blend (found HERE)

What are some of your quick morning hacks??! I’ve got my roommates hooked on matcha.. lol.

Now I’m off to unwind & I’m so ready to get into bed…

Xx Valerie

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