Hi again! Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend.

I’m definitely recharging. Hitting the gym, making my detox
drinks, and spending more time in my pajamas and in my apartment then I have in months. Last week was my birthday week, so I had a trip to Orlando and came back and went out with some friends in NYC, put that on top of working a lot and I’m just so happy to get some me time!! LOL

But I’m really bad at that. Like, I’m just naturally such an extrovert and love to be out 24/7. But I felt like my body just really needed some TLC. But I feel like I am going stir crazy being home for a weekend?!

SO PSA: spend a night at home with essential oils, a candle, and a book (or netflix). Go for that cookie jar, I won’t tell (;

ANYWAYS- last week I had to travel to NYC to Orlando in the morning and go straight to a shoot (the flight got cancelled and I booked the next flight, which got delayed.. LOL, the story is a whole other blog post.)

If I have a flight, train ride, long night, etc. before a shoot you have to prepare. So here it is.


1. SHEET MASKS- hellooo. These are a major key, lol. But seriously you’re going to look so crazy, it’s kinda fun. I love doing one on a flight and just relaxing, maybe read something or listen to music. I love the Dr. Jart sheet masks, and this one is perfect for flights! Flights are so dehydrating and exhausting that a sheet mask is a must.

2. DRINK WATER- those little airplane cups aren’t going to do it. Buy a HUGE water bottle at the airport and drink!!! No alcohol on the flight if you can- will make you even more bloated and the jet lag worse. Just wait till you’re home (;

3. ICE ROLL- Okay if you have an ice roller or ice, ice your face if you are in a pinch. Me and my friend Veronica used to do this every morning! Seriously. It feels amazing too and tightens and depuffs a tired face. So amazing for inflammation too.

4. SUPPLEMENTS: If you aren’t taking them daily, make sure you take a charcoal pill, a probiotic, and a multivitamin before your flight ( I love collagen, Vitamin D, and biotin too.)

5. TO WEAR: Depending on the weather I always opt for big sunglasses, a black tank, a leather jacket and jeans. No makeup and my hair in a ponytail. Lately I’ve been loving my furry jackets and they make for amazing naps, lol.
(and don’t forget your neck pillow!)

That’s it!! Enjoy you’re flight, listen to some podcasts (oh, don’t forget your headphones!! Also big essential) , & do some reading!!

What are your flight essentials?

Xx Valerie


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