img_0636HI HI (again.)

I have something I need to share with you. Okay, maybe a lot of things. I’m going to show you my holy grail skin products I would never ever want to do without.


MY SKIN (dry, red, sensitive)

First off, oil cleansing changed my skin (post on this coming soon!) & I oil cleanse on the daily. I have a few oil cleansers that I love, but when I’m in a pinch, olive oil is my go-to.

I also love BioDerma Micellar water and use the wipes, I keep them right by my bed for when I’m a little lazy. Never EVER sleep in makeup. And always drink a full glass of water before bed (bonus points if you add lemon and take your probiotic and magnesium).



Holy grail mask: Oatifix by LUSH !!! Love this stuff. It smells sweet, exfoliates, and makes your skin glowy and extra smooth. I always have to have this stuff in my fridge! I also LOVE Rosy Cheeks (by Lush) when I’m looking for something more cleansing.

I also love the Origins Skin Drink Mask and Retexturing rose Clay. Just listen to what your skin is feeling.

Day Cream:

I am also loving Kiehls Ultra Moisturizer, and Belif Moisture Bomb!!Those are a little lighter and work really well. Dr. Hauschka Rose Day cream is amazing for the winter too.


Honestly, it’s super important to take extra care of your skin in the winter!!

Makeup: CC+ cream by It cosmetics (I’m in the shade medium) if you’re on the go like me this is a life saver!! It’s slightly yellow tinted and cancels out any blue or red on the skin and I blend it in with my fingers and go! Also, it contains anti-aging serum and spf 50+. YES. PLEASE. I wear it everyday just for the SPF.

So that’s all for today lovelies, what are your skin care favorites?! Would love to test them out

On the train and blogging from my iPhone rn. Later today I’m hitting the gym!! Update coming soon. Xxx


  1. Loved your blog about skin care. I got the OATIFIX Fresh Face mask and will try it tonight. Also going to try the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial moisturizer.. Just because I trust your recommendations 100% ! <3

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