Night Craft: Fall Edition

Hi Hi my beautiful friends! Today I wanted to share my sort of “night in” essentials.. *new series* idea. You like? I’ll be sharing my latest masks, reads, candles, oils, and beauty items of the moment! My favorite little potions per say.. hence the series title “Night Craft” Hehe… lol what is wrong with me.

ANYWHO nights in are super important to me, especially in NYC. I love having the view of the empire state, burning some candles & just recharging.. shoots take a lot out of you.. Let’s get into it, shall we? *waves magic wand*

MASKS: HI LUSH. I’m looking straight at you. Their new jelly masks are the best! My favorite of the moment is Birth of Venus. You melt the jelly in between your hands and then leave it on just like you would a normal mask! I usually leave it on as soon as I wash my face and don’t wash off until before bed.. lol. I follow up with Caudalie’s Saffron Ageless elixer as a serum & my Belif Moisture Bomb & a Korres eyecream.

SCENTS & CANDLES: I’ve been feeling really festive lately.. so when I was shopping at home goods I just picked my favorite pumpkin scented soy candles. An assortment of candles just adds an ambiance, & also for before bedtime, frankincense & lavender oils in a diffuser is amazing for relaxation, sleep & boosting the immune system. If I’m having a totally crazy week I’ll use this time to blast a podcast & tidy up.

READS & VIDS: Lately I’ve been watching some good ol’ Tony Robbins & reading flow. I totally recommend watching some of Emily Fletcher’s talks on meditation. Totally flipped a switch for me!

What are your night in favs?? Would love to check out!!

Xx Valerie

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