HEY HEY, so this week I feel like I’ve been running on zeeeerrrroooo sleep. I wanted to spill on some tips that really get me back in the game, like feeling 100%. No joke.

And getting my 8 hours is super important. But sometimes it’s not always possible, hellooo NYC. *eyeroll*

But I can’t complain.

What you take in the AM is KEY. & not just any plain water. I add some ACV & lemon to my water (no ice!) in the AM, and then do my bulletproof coffee after (recipe with coffee, lions mane, collagen, Chaga, ghee, Brain octane, etc. here)

But seriously. If your face is feeling… errrr puffy? Sleepy? Congested?? I’ll throw on this Cup O Coffee mud mask, wait 5 min, dry brush, quick shower & wash off the mask and then… USE ICE!! 100% green tea ice cubes are my ride or die, but if I need something super quick, I’ll use my ice roller

Make sure your taking TONS of vitamin C. Seriously. And your going to be extra hungry because your body will be screaming LOW FUEL. So keep healthy snacks on hand, too. I love apple slices and almond butter. Literally crave them all the time.. esp w cinnamon & cacao nibs! $&!* I’m hungry.

And finish that shower off with FREEZING water. Stimulates those lymphs and gets you real AWAKE.

Plus. It’s aaahh-mazing for your metabolism!!! Extra bonus.

How do you guys stay looking AWAKE when your running on empty?! I’ll try to do a quick nap and an iced green tea after.

Share your tips! In need. Lol

Xx Valerie

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