fullsizerender-2Hi there!! Do you ever have those mornings where you’re just… not feeling productive. In the sort of “treat yo self” mindset I call it. But you drink some coffee and your out the door and you sort of fake it until- you’re on a roll.

Yep. That’s me today. Blogging & drinking an extra strong mocha. Now I’m REALLY feeling that caffeine.


Okay- here’s my biggest tip for planning a productive day, getting better sleep, and waking up READY,

Have some sleepy time tea the night before when you’re winding down (maybe add some magnesium & take your probiotic) and plan the next day.

Heck- on Sundays- plan your week. Write your goals for the week and reflect on your weekly & long term goals when you are planning your day.

I like to use a notebook & a planner.

I jot everything down on my notebook, I have empty space to write to-do lists, reminders, random thoughts & ideas, etc.

Then I plan my day on a real planner- it helps me figure out what needs to get done.

And in a pinch- always write things down if they come to you midday on your phone.

Honestly- it’s therapeutic and addicting to write everything down the night before. A night routine is essential to your next day.

I also LOVE reading before bed, really winds me down you know?

So how do you plan a super productive day?

Let me know,

Xx Valerie

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