Happy Friday chicas!! I’m totally having a crazy day and writing this blog post whilst running fifteen minutes late (so yes, that’s why I’m obsessed with super easy #lifehacks ?! Lol). Anyways.. If you read my skincare post you know I love my ice roller, it really tightens your skin, reduces swelling and brightens your face. So ideal. And over time is so anti-aging and detoxing!


Anyways, I’ve been obsessed with green tea on the face because the caffeine and other components work wonders like:

♡anti- inflammatory
♡ fights acne/ blackheads
♡ contains EGCG catechin (which has been clinically proven to
reactivate dying skin cells- wait, what?!
♡loads of antioxidants that fight sun damage & heal damage
♡ reduces appearance of pores and sebum production (aka oily
skin, hello?!)

SO yeah, I’m obsessed. So I’ve been making these green tea ice cubes and using them in the morning and it’s kind of like a quick little facial- and it’s like ice rolling on crack. Obsessed.


blog-ice-cubesWhen I make my ice cubes I love experimenting with other ingredients too! I get a lot of redness in my skin so when I’m brewing my green tea (strong, I use two bags and steep for 5-8 minutes) I also throw in a bag of chamomile. When the water has cooled down a bit I add aloe too! I also throw in my Thayers Witch Hazel toner into my little ice cube cocktail, and love to experiment with adding a dash of turmeric and charcoal as well (or maybe manuka honey?!). It’s up to you how much you add, but I add just a touch so I don’t need to rinse my face after the ice cube facial, you feel? So just a dash (;


All the benefits basically kill 83928473 birds with one stone and skip toner completely in the morning. I usually like to do the ice facial while scrolling through my phone or just relaxing and having a slow morning. It’s been a really amazing addition to my morning routine and is the best for a hangover or late night, lol.

Let me know how you guys like this and if you’d add anything else!



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