Hi there!! Summer is prime time to travel the world, and if your anything like me you either:

1. Overpack
2. Slack on eating right & working out

1// My number ONE tip is that you absolutely HAVE to bring a water bottle. It’s going
to seriously help you stay HYDRATED. & beat the jet lag. And give you glowing skin & energy. And it keeps you from feeling all puffy & congested after traveling a lot, u know? So. good.

2// ALSO: I love throwing a few mushroom elixirs like Chaga & Reishi (I only like four sigmatic) in my bag bc they take up like no room, and I can mix them with hot water anywhere! & they keep my immune system strong on the plane. & Reishi is amazing if you deal with any sort of anxiety while traveling. WIN.

3// A pro tip, is ICECUBES (post here) even normal ones are amazing if you’re trying to beat the jet lag. YES PLZ. But if you’re in a pinch, you can also steep some green tea bags in hot water, and let the cool off a bit and put them up under your eyes!! Wakey wakeyy (;


4// I always wear athleisure to the airport if I need to save room, LOL. That way I can throw it on if I wanna go for a quick run or hit the gym? But I don’t even think you need to make “gym time” on vacation. Just stay super active!! Like go on hikes, walk everywhere, play beach volleyball, you get it. Way more realistic too, no?

5// Indulge!! But also get your greens in for at least 1 meal that day. Like a salad or smoothie, and bring a probiotic, and multivitamins just to keep all your basis covered. Vacation is for having fun, so do everything to make vacation just that.. more fun!! Don’t stress bb

Where are you going to next??? IM STILL IN NYC. Need to get to miami, STAT!

Xx Valerie

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