I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like everyone is having a hectic week. I have this little trick I added into my morning that really has made a huge difference (side note: I started adding the SLEEP Natural Calm at night and it is amazing. post coming soon!). Lately I have a new little gem:


II came across this because I was feeling so tired. I mean I live in NYC and am out and busy from the moment I wake up and coming home at 9 pm and heading straight to bed. I had somuch to do, I didn’t have time to walk around feeling drained.

That’s why my ears perked up when I listened to this interview about Adrenal Fatigue and Ashwaganda- and I immediate ran (literally, ran lol) to whole foods and bought a bottle ( I have this one) and I love it! Plus, the more I look into it the more benefits I learn about and they are insane.

-Ashwaganda is considered an “adaptogenic herbs” so basically it’s packed with antioxidants. It allows your body to resist stress, anxiety, fatigue. It increases your energy and stamina, but is also amazing to take before sleep to reduce anxiety and stress. There’s also a lot of benefits seen for people suffering with depression/anxiety.

Because it helps restore hormonal balance- I’ve noticed a difference in my skin and weight-loss! Basically a huge help because cortisol is killer- literally.

I love taking it in the morning with my coffee- I feel like it helps with any anxiety caffeine might trigger. A second part is I blend my coffee with coconut oil. I just throw it in a nutribullet and add a teaspoon of coconut oil ( or MCT oil) and I love adding some cinnamon and cacao powder and blend. I try not to add sugar, but add some coconut sugar or raw maple syrup if you need some!

Have you guys tried herbal mushrooms? I’ve been hearing so much about mushroom coffee and I’m dying to try it! Let me know

Xx Valerie


6 thoughts on “WHY I LOVE ASHWAGANDA

  1. I love Ashwagandha (and several other tonic herbs… I am addicted)! For a good mushroom coffee, try the Four Sigmatic brand if you haven’t yet.

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