Hi hi hellooo BACK AT IT AGAIN with a recipe that’s stupid easy and incredibly delicious and so nourishing! Especially when outside is straight up a BLIZZARD (someone get me on a one-way to Miami..)

ANYWAYS. I always find it way harder to get my veggies in in the winter because instead of smoothies & salads, I crave potatoes, meats, & hearty meals.

MY SOLUTION? A throw-it-together-in-5-minutes VEGGIE COCONUT CURRY. Seriously, it’s easier than microwaving a bowl of leftovers & quicker than ordering post mates.. and healthier than both?! THATS what I need. And you probably already have everything you need.



1 CAN of coconut milk (unsweetened & natural) *side note*I just always stock up on these! They last forever.

Spices! I use a sazòn.. but garlic, cilantro, paprika, onion & pink salt is great.

PROTIEN- I love grass-fed sausage

VEGGIES- whatever is in your fridge. Peppers, greens, tomato, let’s not make it complicated.. ha.

Heat up coconut milk in a pot.

During thusI like to cook up my protein with onions and sometimes add some sun-dried tomatoes if I have them. Use ghee or grass-fed butter.

I throw in frozen broccoli into the pan with coconut milk. For more broth add less veggies and more milk. You do you here. I love peppers and spinach as well!

Add spices & the pan of sausage & onions into coconut milk mix. Once it’s heat up you are good to go!

*Side note* If you already have cooked protein, no need for an extra pan. Just throw everything into the coconut milk & HEAT UP. SO easy.

What’s your fav nourishing meal in the winter?! I love new ideas!!

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