Celery Juice

Hey guys! I needed to update you guys on this my little miracle MORNING JUICE.. PLAIN CELERY JUICE. It’s a little secret I’ve incorporated from the Medical Medium Protocol that seriously wakes you UP in the mornings and is insane for reducing inflammation, puffiness, brain fog, and bloating. Plus, it’s been really interesting that without noticing, it has totally cut my cravings for coffee!

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Ever since I can remember, my tummy bloating/discomfort and just feeling sluggish is something that I’ve learned to manage through living a clean lifestyle. However, sometimes it just HAPPENS. I’ve always been working on ways to heal my digestion because that’s at the core of absorbing all of the nutrients from the foods we’re eating, having tons of energy & glowing skin. So if you’re digestion is off- so is your MOOD & ENERGY. PLUS, a strong digestion means that I can eat more of the foods I love without that awful feeling after(even healthy foods like kale, broccoli & my FAV overnight oats have thrown me off!).

This is why I SWEAR BY Celery Juice. Yep, 16 oz. of PURE celery juice first thing in the mornings on an empty stomach. I first was introduced to this when my friend Lisa (if you’re reading this, hey girl!!) and I went to Juice Generation and she was raving about celery juice and the medical medium and it took me about a good three months to test it out consistently, but I am SO happy I did!


  • + strengthens your digestion of all the foods you eat for the rest of the day
  • +hydrochloric acid & mineral salts heal digestion
  • +anti inflammatory
  • +boosts mood
  • + hydrating

My NEW Mornings:

I wake up and brush my teeth, THEN drink my water and get my celery and juicer ready to go. I juice a good amount of plain celery, and then I love to sit down and light a candle and just journal.. bonus points if everyone’s asleep and it’s still super quite in the city! I love to stretch, maybe play a podcast and clean the apartment.. and then make a quick breakfast!

Have you guys tried it? Seriously, it’s my new staple!

Anyways I’m off to further purge & clean my ENTIRE apartment.. and work on some more recipes for the blog.. stay tuned.

Xx Valerie



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