HI hi!! Are you enjoying this hot weather or what?! TBH I need to go to the pool.. stat. But I can’t complain because I’m just happy I don’t need to wear x93573 layers.

In the summer is especially when I LOVE to use my green tea ice cubes! LIFE CHANGING I swear (blog post here).

But anywho. I’ve been testing out a ton of new products for you guys, and couldn’t wait to share my new skincare routine.. I’m obsessed!

  1. Cleanser… Okay so in the morning I love to oil cleanse with my Living Libations Sandal Wood Best Skin Ever! I also use is as a serum if I have extra dry skin.. it includes holy jojoba, sandalwood, frankincense, cape chamomile etc. SO GOOD… & at night I’ll go ahead and remove makeup and cleanse with the manna and follow up with another gentle cleanser and/or toner  (depending if I had a shoot and if I was wearing heavy makeup) I don’t have an all time favorite cleanser, and I feel like any natural cleanser does the job!
  2. TONER: Okay so I alternate here.. on some nights I use my witch hazel toner mixed with a little ACV, and on other nights I love my Arbonne skin clearing pads. SO GOOD. If my skin is having a little trouble I just go ahead and use my Witch Hazel with ACV  (I add the ACV myself!)
  3. HYDRATE: In the morning I just can’t quit my Belif Moisture Bomb… I’m obsessed! It’s just SO perfect during the day underneath my IT CC cream+ which has spf 55. Perfect for summer! But at night I love something super nourishing for when I sleep, so you wake up with that glow, ya know? I LOVE my Maverick Frankincense & Sandalwood face cream from Living Libations & the ingredients are INSANE (jojoba, chamomile, tamanu, frankincense, sandalwood, rosewater, milky oats etc… every ingredient is amazing!).
  4. MASK: Hands down, Mario Badescu Collagen Mask is my favorite mud mask! I also love the REN Soothing Mask which is perfect for soothing & moisturizing after the beach. Don’t forget, before bed ALWAYS use castor oil on your lashes! (Oh and I’ve been spot treating with Arbonne Clear Future!)

Gotta meditate now I’ve been feeling so high energy/ jittery today!! It’s bad lol, but what are your must-have summer items?! Would love to try them out…

Over and out! Xx Valerie


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