A La Mode Mondays: 5 WEEKLY MUST-DO’S

A La Mode Monday!

Helllooo!! New week, new me, you feel? (#cringing.. have I really turned into that I love mondays person?! WTVR lol)

Anyways.. I want to bring to you *drumroll please* A La Mode Mondays. I’m really excited for this new weekly series! I’m a very challenge-driven person, & every Monday will be sharing with you guys my new challenges, favorite workouts & thoughts to #slaytheweek.

MONDAY HABITS: Mondays set the tone of the entire week. It’s the day I get my accupuncture done and CAN’T hit the snooze or skip my workout. If you have read my earlier post about getting out of a funk, you know I love to spend my sundays doing laundry & grocery shopping, etc.


A La Mode Mondays

+First thing I look at if I open my phone on a Monday is my vision board, I have mine as a private folder on IG (Thx Lauryn (www.theskinnyconfidential.com) for the rec!) Let’s be real real, were not always up & ready on a monday) & do a quick meditation (no shame in a 5-minute meditation game… sometimes it’s all I can commit)

+I’ve been loving taking my Qualia & a bulletproof coffee & hitting the gym first thing. Lunge for 10 minutes, 15 minutes of foam rolling & then my workout!

+I create my top 7 To-Do everyday, but also make a list of “Things I have been putting off” Get real real. When you FINALLY put up that damn shelf you’ve been putting off for months, it gives you some damn good momentum.

+Read for 30 minutes!!! & do something creative that you love doing.

+& PRIORITIZE doing something creative that you love doing.

Anytips for an #alamodemonday?! LMK babes

Xx Valerie

A La Mode Mondays

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