Hey guys! I’ve been getting lots of questions about skincare- and on top of that I’m super nosy and LOVE knowing everyone else’s skincare routine. HA.

Anyways, it’s been AWHILE since I’ve posted one of these and they are the most fun. PLUS I’ve seen a big difference in my skin as of late.  Let’s hop right in- shall we?

intention botanicals, son and park, Caudalie

CLEANSING// I try to stay as GENTLE as possible here, so I always use my Intention Botanicals Petal Powder, yep- its made from crushed FLOWER PETALS. HOW CUTE?!

I mean how does one start their morning and end their night except for cleansing their face with crushed hibiscus and rose petals?? IDK.

Anyways, this cleanser is the MOST natural, like the rest of the ingredients are kaolin clay, oats, essential oils, and orange peel extract.

The powder is PACKED with antioxidants and AHA’s and leaves my skin baby soft. When you run it under a few drops of water the light powder turns into a bright pink paste and is a little gritty- for really gentle exfoliating.

*TIPPITY TIP* I leave this cleanser on my skin for a few minutes while I brush my teeth for a quick mask!

TONE// I use Son and Park’s Beauty Water. I’ve done a whole IG post (it’s that good) and my big sis recommended it to me. It removes any residue still on your skin and really evens out the skin.. if you know what I mean.

SERUMS// I ALWAYS am switching this one up- I love anything with vitamin C, caffeine & hyalaronic acid. Currently I’m using this Georgette Klinger Face Mist, I really love it.

EYES// Caudalie Eye cream. I love it- it just brightens and makes me feel more awake- you know? Not too picky here- but I ALWAYS have to use one. ALWAYS. If Ryan lets me it goes on him too- LOL

MOISTURIZER// I used to be OBSESSED with Belif Moisture bomb but… get ready- my new thing is this thing thats like $5 at target and comes in a HUGE tub…. CERAVE. It rivals my Belif- I’m not kidding.  I was researching skin care on reddit and EVERYONE was ranting about the Cera Ve, and I couldn’t believe it. So I had to try it for myself! And I approve, 100%.

Intention Botanicals Petal Powder


FACIAL MASSAGE// gets the circulation going, drains puffiness, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. Do it while cleansing, adding serums, creams & oils. I swear it contours your face, LOL.

ICE// if you feel hungover/jet lagged / tired. My green tea ice cubes are a go-to!

CASTOR OIL// it makes your lashes longer (; AND BROWS.

OLIVE OIL// quickest makeup remover EVER.

ANYWAYS, Send me your skin recs! Would LOVE to test em out. Let me know if you’ve got any questions!


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