Hi hi hellooooo there. TODAY I was making some breakfast and just felt like I needed to whip up a little face mask. It was just really necessary today, you know? This 3-ingredient mask packs a punch-  it’s tightening, brightening, anti-aging & leaves your skin GLOWING.

ANYWAYS it was liquid GOLD… so I HAD to share.

All you need is a spoonful of MANUKA honey, MATCHA & a little banana.

Here’s a quick BREAKDOWN:::

MANUKA HONEY- this is honey from bees that pollinate tea tree, so it has its own really unique healing properties
+ HEALING.. fades darkness & scarring
+ANTI INFLAMMATORY.. reduces redness
+HUMECTANT.. AKA it pulls & holds hydration into the skin

PS: I get my Manuka Honey at WholeFoods and my favorite is the Y.S. Eco bee farms RAW MANUKA honey.

MATCHA- AKA ground up green tea leaves!
+ CAFFEINE.. tightens, brightens and circulation!
+ANTIOXIDANTS.. detoxing, brightening, fight off free radicals & pollution. 10X more than green tea!
+CHLOROPHYLL.. powerful detoxifier & reduces excess oil production

My matcha is by SUNPOTION.

BANANA- TBH I added it for consistency, but it adds SO MANY benefits.
+VITAMINS E, C & POTASSIUM.. best vitamins for glowing skin.
+ RANDOM but the internet calls it natures BOTOX. I will report back in 10 years.. HA

Let’s whip this bad boy up, apply with your fingers and have a little stress melting elixir while we listen to this weeks A LA MODE podcast, shall we?

After I always follow up with my skincare routine.

ANYWAYS so I just mix up this mask and scare at least 3 people before I wash it off. KIDDING (not really) it’s like a good 20 minutes, and it dissolves so easily under hot water because the sugar in the honey dissolves!

I SWEAR after this mask my skin LOVES ME. You have to give it a go!

ANYWHO I’ve been wearing this mask for far too long. Till next time!

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